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The man and the boy
"What is it, that you are expecting?" The man said. This man wasnt particularly intimidating, in fact, he had a gentle nature about him. Soft brown eyes, a warm and loving face. It was the suit, maybe even the fedora perched on his head, that at first glance made him seem like a rough sort of person.
"I don't know. I've seem to have no interest in what my expectations had foretold." It was the boy that seemed the most frightening. He had a sort of sense about him, something that people fear, if not avoid. Of course anyone would avoid the tall young man with the hood atop his head and dark mysterious eyes. No one wants to cause trouble with a person like that.
"Sir, what is it that you want? Everyone has ideals. Something that you crave?" The man asked. To him, something about the dark and mysterious boy seemed, in the least, hopeful.
"I want what I get. That is all. There's no use wishing for something I wasn't meant to have." The boy answered. His answer was cold, sharp, heartless. Hi
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Look me dead in the eyes. by BennyPebbles Look me dead in the eyes. :iconbennypebbles:BennyPebbles 0 3
I walked away from the big group of kids hurling insults.
The caught up and started pushing me anyways.
I got up from the ground, shoved my hands into my pockets, and continued to walk home.
They followed me home.
Laughing, yelling, teasing about things from my family to just plain out about me.
I got to my house, slipped the key into the lock and escaped their torture.
I want to forget.
I walked into the dim lit kitchen and to the knife drawer.
I looked at my reflection, my wide-eyes looking back at me.
Did I really want to forget that badly?
I held the knife in one hand, and with the other I texted a quick apology.
I took the sharp edge and ran it deep down my forearm.
For a moment I felt nothing.
I felt no sadness, no pain, no regret.
But then I remembered everything.
The pain came back. 
It was worse too.
I grabbed paper towels and pressed it again the blood pouring out of my arm.
I slumped against the wall.
Pain becoming unbearable as I couldn't think
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[Ben and Abby are in the kitchen. There is a mess on the walls.]
Abby- Why ben? I dont get how this happens.
Ben stays silent for a moment and looks away oddly
Ben-The blender broke.
Abby- The blender just doesnt break. What did you do?
Ben- It exploded.
     Ben gets on his hands and knees and begins to clean the mess
Abby- Whats on the walls?
   Ben stays silent and Abby gets curious and starts to touch the walls
Abby- What is this?
Ben- I dont know...
Abby- (her voice is more harsh and demanding) what is this?
Ben- I dont know...
    Abby grabs a towel from the counter and hits him in the back of the head with it. Ben starts whimpering but doesnt stop cleaning.
Ben- Its apples okay? I wanted applesauce.
    Abby bends down and sarts to clean too.
[1 hour later. the mess is almost clean. Ben breaks the silence.]
Ben- I've been thinking...
Abby- about what?
Ben- The apples.
Abby- your weird. What about the apples?
Ben- Well, i wanted to mak
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Clouds by BennyPebbles Clouds :iconbennypebbles:BennyPebbles 12 3
A friend cant determine my value,
Only I know what I'm worth.
I can do what I want to do,
And that can be worth dirt
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The call by BennyPebbles The call :iconbennypebbles:BennyPebbles 7 4
Why wont you listen to me?
The door creaked shut behind us. I could here our footsteps echo in the dead silence. I heard the doorknob jiggle as Bryce gave us a sense of our situation.
“It wont open.” He whispered. Defiantly we had come in here in the middle of the night, now we have to find another way out.
“We’ll find another way out then.” I thought out loud.
“What a genius.” Nathaniel joked. Punching my shoulder painfully, he sneered and the sound traveled across the desolate room. The sound gave me a sense of our surroundings, and the room is possibly empty.
There were a few windows, yet they were boarded with old wood. Julia had warned us about this. She told us what idiots we would be to come in here, the place most people in our small town avoided at all costs. People made up so many stories about this house that you could put them all together and make a lengthy novel.
“We should go upstairs. Maybe then we’ll see a way to get out of here.” Natha
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The Sun by BennyPebbles The Sun :iconbennypebbles:BennyPebbles 15 6 Cute love by BennyPebbles Cute love :iconbennypebbles:BennyPebbles 46 12


New haircut by jmart13 New haircut :iconjmart13:jmart13 2 0 Frost Name by TheZombieGir Frost Name :iconthezombiegir:TheZombieGir 2 2
who are you
i am not the full moon on winter nights
or 8 am in july
for i am not beautiful
i am not warm
i am apathy at a funeral
i am shattered porcelain
i am missing fragments of something never whole to begin with
i am cracked ribs and broken bones
i am acid rain in a green house
i am not a cup of coffee
or a new book
for i am not bittersweet
i am not crisp
i am closed eyes
i am locked doors
i am bruises
i am wounds
i am nothing more than flesh
i am nothing at all
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Whoever sees the white fox cub,
Is sure to lose their life.
For she has lost all hope in love,
And has lost the will to strive.
Whoever sees the ghost of hell,
Is sure to lose their sight.
For he has forgotten how to feel,
Forgotten all that's right.
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The Game
Baby I remember you sayin'
'I love you'
I can't believe the game you were playin'
'I love you too'
And now you've got me wonderin'
Is this love?
How did you do this to me?
You've turned the turtle into something...
Wild and free.
And you keep her safe,
When it's just you and me,
It's allright.
'Cause man, I love you too.
When I think of you,
It's like a circular rainbow.
And I think oh,
You were great then.
And I think,
Running down the street yelling WOAH, WOAH, WO-OAHH,
Water-bombing the grnadparents
Because they'll never understand
That's the way we were
Running down the street yelling WOAH, WOAH, WO-OAHH,
Water-bombing the grnadparents
Because they'll never understand
That's the way we were
I'm telling you, this kaliedoscope is killin' me.
Thinking back to when we were 'we'
Thinkin' back to the time when
We sang songs from the roof,
Water balloons goin' POOF
And the old gits sayin'
'Oh, F!'
Duck behind the gate
And run as far as we can
Through the tanning fields
and the muddy
:iconrandomwriter888:RandomWriter888 5 2
So I am weak
So I am thin-skinned
And you all are strong
I am the weak one
While you live along
It's like "Nobody knows
The trouble I've seen"
'Cause you don't know
How life has been
So I am thin-skinned
Are you serious? I see
But how can you prove
You've never seen me
I deal with problems
While you just smile
Have to stand the voices
Running mile after mile
Trying to escape
Of what they are saying
"You're ugly, you're stupid
Take a knife and stop praying
Stop lying, start puking,
Take a knife and self-harm -
We see, you're too weak
But you can't charm
You can't stay strong
For a thousand years
We just have to wait
We're all your fears."
Oh, you can't imagine
How bad I want to obey
I know they are right
Every word they say
You think "so why don't you do
What you think is right?"
That's because of you
You would delight
You would feel strong
When I showed you I'm weak
But oh no, I'm not
I fight week after week
I search answers for questions
That you don't even know
And you think I'm just moody
When I
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And the sea foam stretched as
Veins and torn flesh across the skin of the ocean just 
Where it met the shore: there 
I begged for it to swallow me whole. 
The clock reads 3:56 AM between the two of us 
And I stay awake because I know 
He can't yet sleep.  And the butterflies are driving 
Home again in just another hour. And the drizzle found 
A girl with a prettier umbrella.  And I could be 
Crumbling but be 
Just as happy as the corpse who can't stop smiling  pretends to be if I tried (but I never 
Try anymore, do I?) 
She told me to fill all the 
Chambers of my heart with what I loved and I 
Almost shed a tear because that aching house by the sea and the 
Smell of salt water she mentioned were the same things 
That I saw. We're a  sepia-toned photograph from ten 
Thousand yesterdays before any 
Of us knew how to breathe all by ourselves and we 
Know there's something to this
:iconsomethingoncesacred:SomethingOnceSacred 13 6
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Alrighty, So i havent been on here much (AT ALL)
and so I am not going to deactivate this account, but i shall tell you where to find me

that is my rp blog, and the only place you'll find me on the internet unless i make a new dA for my fics which i wont so if you ver want to talk to me there ya go~
hope you guys have a nice life 


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Benny Pebbles :)
United States
I won't say anything about myself, you just have to get to know me :)



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